Language solutions

Whether you need a warehouse of documents translated or a single memo, we can handle the work for you quickly, affordably, and reliably.

Your company image is only as good as the text you put out there on your web sites, your mailings, even your business cards. Whether translated or not you need to be confident in the text you’re standing behind, and that takes a trained eye combined with years of language experience – and that’s precisely what we offer.

Powered by technology but staffed by human beings, One Hour Transcription is the world’s only Cloud-based transcription service.

The Internet is your gateway to the world market, but how many potential customers are you losing because they don’t speak your language?

Although your web site is visible throughout the world, 72% of the people viewing it aren't native English speakers and may have a problem communicating with you. 

Support your International Customers in their Native Language using our unique email translation platform.

One Hour Translation developed the ultimate solution for providing email support to customers who don't correspond in English.

Making your publications – internal or external –look good and meet printer’s specifications requires very specific skills and knowledge. Modern Desktop Publishing software takes months to master and as every business owner knows, time-critical publications can’t be delayed.

If you have a large volume of material in a Content Management System (CMS) that needs to be translated in real time, our Translation API is designed for you.

Saving you time and money is part of our business goals. Translation Memory re-uses previously translated common phrases and sentences so you don’t have to spend money over and over again, speeding up the work and lowering your costs.

Your text may contain acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations that can cause confusion or even frustration for translators, especially attempting to translate them without full understanding of their meaning. Equally, some words have multiple meanings depending on the context.

Localization is a process which includes many aspects. With One Hour Translation you can simplify at least one of them. Choose the integration that suits your platform:

Localization enables your company to enter new market and to compete effectively, defeating language and cultural barriers of your target market. Localization is sometimes written as l10n, where 10 is the number of letters between l and n.

Internationalization, sometimes shortened to I18n, is a design and a development of a product or document content that enables easy localization for the target market, that may vary in culture and language. It is the first step of Globalization process, which contains Internationalization and localization.