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ONEs - OHT NMT Evaluation Score, is a new way to Measure NMT Quality.

ONEs - OHT NMT Evaluation Score - Recalculated Every Quarter

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ONEs is calculated for 10 types of material – general, legal, marketing, finance, gaming, software, medical, technical, scientific, and tourism texts

Statistically Significant, Always Up-to-date

At least 40 bilinguals rate every translation. The score is recalculated every quarter.

We have recruited, trained, and tested thousands of linguists in over 50 languages, and already run well over 1,000,000 NMT rating and testing projects for our customers.

Applicable immediately

The scores are used in real-time to produce high-quality "hybrid" translation, combining NMT and human post-editing.

Compare 10 NMT engines

Which NMT engine is best for your content?

Google, Microsoft (Bing), Amazon, DeepL, Systran, Baidu, Promt, IBM Watson, Globalese and Yandex

Better than any algorithm

While BLEU, METEOR, and TER are fast, easy, and inexpensive to run, they are just not good enough to evaluate NMT. Why not using a real human being?

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