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Integrate your CMSs seamlessly with One Hour Translation

It is more comfortable than ever to use content management systems. Integrate with One Hour Translation to produce great translations, all in a hassle-free environment. Spend your time on the important matters, like overseeing the project, while we take care of all the fine details. OHT works with the best CMSs in the language industry and employs the most advanced technologies, to ensure consistency and quality.

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Integrations - Automated & Cost Effective

Automated & Cost Effective

Our translation API integrates seamlessly into your CMS. As you post new material it is translated automatically, without any further investment or staff training necessary. The final translated files are posted directly back to your CMS.

Integrations - TM Support

TM Support

Our Translation Memory database extracts words, phrases and sentences that you’ve already translated and approved and inserts them into your new translations, lowering costs and ensuring consistency.

Integrations - CMS Providers

CMS Providers

We boast a seamless connection to major CMS providers, allowing the fast and easy transfer of content, translating, editing and modifying of content from a centralized interface..

CMS Providers

Integrations - XTM International

インテグレーション済の翻訳メモリとCATツールを備えた、強力なCloud TMS。OHT翻訳者と即時につながり、コンテンツをスムーズにローカライズします。

Integrations - Smartcat


Memsource Integration




Integrations - Drupal


Provider - Crowdin