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Technical Documents we translate

Manuals and User Guides, Technical Documentation, RFQ and RFP, Data Sheets, Tests, Manufacturing Standards, Packaging and labels, Training materials, Software localization (L10n), Patents, Regulatory documents, Internationalization.

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Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation provides high quality, fast, 24x7 technical translation services at competitive fixed price for over 73 languages and over 2000 language pairs. The translation is performed by our certified expert technical translators that translate technical materials to their native language only. Most of the translators live in country, e.g. Chinese translators in China and so forth. These principals and our other quality procedures guarantee that your technical translation will be done professionally as if it was written by a native speaking engineer. We translate technical documents and documentations for respected brands like 3M, Toyota, CAT, Wenger, Samsung and Autodesk.

Patents Transcription Services

We translate and transcribe recorded material, audio and video and provide subtitles at no additional cost. We transcribe meeting minutes, training sessions, webinars etc.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All of the technical translators in our community sign an NDA in order to work with One Hour Translation. Customers are covered back-to-back by our terms and agreement. For certain corporates we sign customer specific NDAs, please contact our legal department using the Contact Us form.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We provide customers with translation certificate on demand. The One Hour Translation certificate is accepted by US courts nationwide, embassies, immigration services and other official government organizations. Please note that we do not provide notarized translation. For notarized translation you need to go physically to public notary.