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Accurate CV Translation Services for International Employment Opportunities

A CV is one of the most important documents that can often make or break an individual’s career. It summarizes a person’s qualifications, skills, experiences, credentials, and abilities to perform specific tasks. A CV is the first step in the job application process that employers use to shortlist potential candidates, which makes it imperative for it to be translated accurately when looking for international opportunities.

At One Hour Translation, we specialize in CV translations services with a guarantee that the content, composition, and complexity of the document is geared to the individual and the industry of desired e mployment. Our translators have sufficient knowledge and experience in the relevant industries along with an excellent command over the language they are appointed to translate. We handpick native speakers who only work in their native language so that your CV translation reads as though it was written by a local writer.

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All CV translations are delivered well within the stipulated time and you can keep track of your project with our online countdown timer. Our around the clock service is designed to initiate projects immediately upon payment. A typical 500 word document takes about 2 hours to complete.
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Our fixed rate per-source-world policy allows us to be transparent with our rates that include project management, uncommon language requests and excellent customer service. The cost is all-inclusive with no hidden fee to surprise you at the end of the project , though proofreading and expert editing are available at a nominal cost.

Types of CV Documents we translate

professional references, previous employment summary, salary requirements, resume, curriculum vitae, CV, cover letters, introduction emails, professional social media profiles, executive summary, reference letters, outline of skills, professional objective, certifications, degrees, educational background, professional summary, professional qualifications, contact information, personal information, graduate degrees, professional memberships, awards, list of publications, employment history, work history, academic positions, research and training, citizenship status, visa status, computer skills, areas of expertise, academic qualifications, writing samples, portfolios, personal skills, personal references, job descriptions

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Words are not enough to express my gratitude at how One Hour Translation was able to complete my CV translation in the most professional manner. Working with them has been a very satisfying experience that has literally paid off . The head of department for the job I applied for was Spanish and was surprised at how well my CV was translated. It definitely made a big difference and helped me tremendously in the recruitment process. A very big ‘gracias’ to the One Hour Translation team!

Joseph C. Saldana

Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

We are a globally renowned provider of accurate CV translation services. B acked by a knowledgeable and experienced team of certified translators, w e provide CV translation services in over 70 languages and 2,0 00 language pairs . Through our network of qualified translators and quality assurance experts, we are able to deliver quick and accurate results for all your translation needs. Your CV translation will be handled by a professional translator that will thoroughly translate all of your supplemental documents as well. One Hour Translation has helped thousands of individuals capitalize on international employment opportunities.

CV Translation Services

Our CV translation will accurately reflect the description of your employment history and skills. We understand the significance of your CV and its potential to enhance your career prospects. At One Hour Translation, we make use of technology to unmatched quality, speed, and value. Along with CV translations, we also translate related documents such as graduation certificates, school and university transcripts, employment certificates, diplomas, and more.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We follow strict security guidelines to ensure that your privacy is protected. Every document is treated with the highest confidentiality , and translators are required to sign an NDA prior to working on a project. Do contact our legal team or refer to our terms and conditions agreement for details on our privacy policy.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We authenticate every document with a Certificate of Translation Accuracy. Our certificates are recognized at any local, state or federal court in the United States and can be presented in other government offices such as embassies, immigration offices, and other government agencies. Please note that for no tarized translation services, a public notary is required.